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Photo: Victor Alcorn More On: A 25-foot humpback whale that has been grounded on a sandbar in Moriches Bay for nearly a week was euthanized Wednesday. Officials used an injectable medication to kill the sea mammal after numerous failed attempts to free it from the Long Island sandbar, where it has been thrashing around since the weekend. A National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration medical team made the call to put the whale down after a crew of veterinarians jetted out Wednesday afternoon to observe its deteriorating condition. The vets determined that the baby whale was weak, had neurological abnormalities and may have been battling an infection. They will conduct a necropsy to determine its official cause of death and what led it to become trapped in the shallow waters. The sea beast was first spotted swimming near Long Island last week, but didnt get stuck until Saturday. Biologists went out on a boat Sunday to examine the whale. They used the boat to create waves that they hoped would help it escape, but were ultimately unsuccessful. Long Island residents have been monitoring the whales plight from the beach over the last few days and many are furious that officials didnt act quicker to save it. Gov.

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She said dumping was an ongoing issue and was tired of the problem. “Its belittling to the property. There are hardworking people who live here. I own my home. There are a lot of homeowners here,” she said. According to city officials, the entrance sign is situated on private property. So code enforcement must issue a warning and give the association’s administrator at least five days to clear it. “All of this is private property. Thats the problem.

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